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Being offered admission into a university is the prayer of every Nigerian students. This is because the number of students far outweighs the number of universities we have in Nigeria. Universities are not even helping the matter at all because most of them admit students based on "long-leg" which i know you understand what i mean.
This post is focusing on reasons you might not be offered admission by the school you choose. This reasons are based on my research, so i hope you trust them.


1. Unable to meet cut-off mark for your course.

2. Wrong subject combination in JAMB exam.

3. Age requirement.

4. Failed a core subject in WAEC/NECO/GCE exam.

5. Using two sitting results.

6. Why did i post this?


This is the most common reason why most of the students are being rejected yearly. For the new-bie, let me explain what i mean by cut-off mark.
Cut-off mark is the bench mark or let me say boundary at which you as a student must reach before been offered admission into a certain university.

There are factors that determines cut-off mark and example of those are; the number of candidates that choose the course, the high or low pass rate of JAMB/screening examination and so on.  Cut-off marks are prone  to increase or decrease by those factor i gave.  I will explain more on the factors i gave  and how cut-off mark is being derived my next post.


This is one avoidable mistake students commit every year. I will always advise a student to make some little research about the course they want to apply for in JAMB exam, and one of those research is finding out about the subject combination for the course. You can simply do this by checking the brochure provided by JAMB. It won't cost you anything to do this little research because it is capable of destroying your admission this year.  Take note!!!!


Though some students below the age requirement of a particular school devise ways to get admitted but i won't advise any student to take the risk of passing JAMB exam and being denied admission simply because of your age (you know how painful it can be). Most schools requires the student to be 16 years old on or before October 1st. I have seen a student that was denied admission because of he was below the age requirement despite meeting other requirements that would have qualified him for the admission slot. So i will advise any student that he or she should make sure that he/she will be 16 years old on or before October 1st.


I find it hard to believe that some students apply for admission despite failing a core subject in WAEC/NECO/GCE exam. Maybe they want to try their luck but to be sincere with you, no university will offer such student an admission slot except the student uses "long-leg" which i know you understand what i am saying.


This is also a criteria that cab disqualify a student during admission process. A lot of candidates you are competing with, uses one sitting result and you know the federal universities favour one sitting result more.  Why?  The answer is simple; simply because they believe candidates with one sitting result are more educationally sound.  You got my point? Yeah!!!  I will explain more on the disadvantages of using two sitting result in my next post.


The main reason i posted this is to make students aware of possible reasons that may lead to them being denied admission. So i will advise students to make sure they work on my point listed above and get ready to be admitted.

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Alot of students are preparing for the unexpected POST JAMB exam which was said to have been scrapped. The bitter truth is that not all the students will be admitted into the university or polytechnics.

But there are things you need to know that will give you more advantages over other competitors.  Yeah,  they are your competitors even your best friend is.

  For instance,  let me take a particular product as an example like indomie,  you know that indomie also have competitors in which you know that Dangote is part of.  But have you ever thought of how indomie has been on top despite the strong competition,  it is simple, they do more of advertisement, promo and other thing to keep their product relevant.  That is the advantage i am talking about.  I am sorry i deviated a bit but i am sure that it really help you understand what i was saying.


1. Why students do not gain admission.
2. Why students gain admission.

Looking at the two outlines above,  you will notice that they are opposite to each other. You need to know why people gain admission once and others have been trying for the past three years without gaining admission to any higher institutions.  I think i am the right person to discus this topic to you because i have passed through this before,  i mean i have been in a stage of not gaining admission and also in a stage of gaining admission. You see that i am the right person for this article/topic.


I saw a particular news about a student who got admitted into OAU (Obafemi Awolowo University). According to the news,  this student have been applying for OAU for the past six consecutive years but all to no avail. This news broke out last year when he got admitted at last into OAU,  which mean that he has been applying for OAU since 2010.  Although I applaud him for his persistence but on the other hand, I saw that as a waste of time. If you don't know what a whole six years can do, i will tell you now;

1. Within six years,  you will study Pharmacy and complete your NYSC service (without strikes).
2. Within six years,  you will complete your masters program and also complete your phD program.
3. Within six years,  a baby would have started walking and speaking english fluently.
4. Within six year, a student will finish his Secondary School Education.

Let me stop there, i hope you now see my point. What i am trying to pass across to you is that,  if you are trying a particular method and it is not working,  please and please, you need to try something new. 

Another reason is that student don't  get the right information that will aid their admisson success. What kind of information do you think i am talking about,  i am talking information like this one you are reading and other post of this blog. So if you are reading this post,  then definitely you really want to pass your exams and get admitted. As they say, information is power, also if you don't get informed,you will be deformed.

Another possible reason is that students don't  get prepared for the required exams like JAMB and POST UME exam. This exams are what you need for any admission into Nigerian universities apart from other admission program like JUPEB,  IJMB etc. You should take your preparation for this exams very serious by reading your books according to the syllabus provided by JAMB, answering past JAMB questions  and also attending tutorials.  I have posted how to pass both JAMB and POST JAMB on my blog,  you can read them after reading this post/article.

Another possible reason is that students usually do mistakes when applying for the JAMB/POST UME.  What do i mean by mistakes?  Mistakes like spelling your name wrongly,  giving the wrong data(s) about yourself etc.  This mistakes have a way of affecting one's admission.
Another possible reason is that most students are below the age requirement of the school. Most schools need students that are sixteen years old and above, though some schools still admit students below sixteen years old but to be on the safe side,  it is better you are sixteen and above.


Yeah,  this one is very important to discuss. Have you ever come to think of it that why did Mr A got admitted despite have average mark in JAMB/ POST UME.  Please i don't want you to think that connection is everything, No, students still gain admission without any connection.

Take notice of those students that got admitted despite having average mark in JAMB,  you will notice that they applied for a lower course which have low competition in the particular university, that is why i will always advise any one that if you put in for medicine and surgery, and you didn't get up to expectation, change your course to a lower one like biochemistry, microbiology etc.  The truth is that you can cross from those course to medicine and surgery later in the future. 

Take notice of those students that gain admission,  you will notice that they started their preparation very early.  Imagine someone preparing to write JAMB exam and he/she started reading a week before the exam,  don't let us decieve ourselves,  such person won't pass the exam. Preparing early is the key to pass JAMB.  When i was planning to sit for JAMB exam,i started my preparation three months before the date of the exam.  Now tell the reason why i won't have gotten above 300 in JAMB.
Take notice on students that got admitted,  you will notice that they made no error in their JAMB application and they meet up with the age requirement of the school.

I want to use this medium to advise all students seeking admission into the higher institution,  if you see that JAMB is not going through,  you can try another method like IJMB, JUPEB,  Pre-degree,  Diploma etc.  Though they may  be cost but it is better than wasting your time at home for more than four years.

And for those who are reading this article/post and you are yet preparing for JAMB exam,  i will advise you not to see JAMB as a big thing,  JAMB is simple but the fear people have for JAMB exam has been making them fail to get admitted into the university.

As for those students that say that it is only university they want to attend, despite been admitted by polytechnics,  i will advise you not to reject  polytechnic admission offer,  you can be attending polytechnic and be preparing for the upcoming JAMB exam.

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Remember,  every admission success has a secret,  this might one of them.

The 2018 JAMB UTME Mock examination which was ealier scheduled to hold between January 22 and 24 has been moved to the first week in February.
The reason for the postponement was necessitated by the fact that some of the CBT centres located within campuses cannot be used due to the ongoing strike action by NASU.
To become a JAMB CBT Software Agent, Click Here
However, the date for the main examination which was ealier scheduled to commence on March 9th, 2018 and end on March 17th, 2018 remains the same. 
Recently, I got a message from a student saying ” sir, what are the things I should do inorder for me to make my admission successful”, although I answered the student immediately but I felt that i should make a post out of the question so that other aspirants will benefit from the answer. But before i begin to explain things you should do for a successful admission, I will implore you, the aspirants that have any question or any topic you think i should emphasize on, then you can comment below or you can post it here. Firstly, I will want you to know that transparency is university’s admission processes is not certain, so despite you meeting the requirements for admission, you “might” still be denied admission, it happens. Carefully read the below post, you can ask questions if you have any through the comment box. 1. Complete o’level result- O’level result is the number one factor you should put in place. Your o’level might be  or gce ( all are acceptable in Nigerian universities). You “must” have pass in all your needed subjects. For example, you are aspiring for medicine and surgery into University of Lagos, but in your o’level result, you had D7 in biology, this is an automatic “No” to your admission. The minimum grade you should have in your  is “C6”, above this grade (D7, E8 & F9) are unacceptable in Nigerian universities. Also you should know that using one sitting result is an additional advantage to you, you might ask that what additional advantage am i referring to? 2. Correct  subject combination- This is another important part where some of the aspirants get it entirely wrong. When you have made a decision about the  you want to study ,immediately you should get a JAMB brochure ( a book that consist of all the courses in Nigerian universities and their subject combinations). Choosing the wrong subject combination for your  in JAMB can not be amended after sitting for the . For example, an aspirant of UNIBEN choosed pharmacy as his preferred course, then he included mathematics as part of the subject combination, this is am automatic “No” to your admission into UNIBEN. Make sure you use the JAMB brochures before registering for JAMB . 3. Having high score in JAMB Although having high mark does not guarantee your admission into a university, because i have seen alot of students with high marks like 280, 298 even 300, that was denied admission inti the university due to one reason or the other. But having high mark in JAMB increase your chances of being admitted. 4. Having high score in post JAMB- Having high score in JAMB is not enough to secure your admission slot, you also need to pass your post JAMB as well. Always aim for an high score in your . Alot of aspirants’ admission pursuit are being cut short in this post JAMB despite the student having high JAMB score. Lastly; 5. Meet up with the cut off mark- Cut off mark is what will be used to check if you eligible for the admission slot or not. It is no  that alot of students are seeking for admission into the universities, this might affect the cut off mark. I If you, the aspirants can have a pass mark in all the things I listed above, i see no reason why you should be admitted into the school of your choice and also given the course of your choice.

If you are reading this post,  then that means you want to sit for the upcoming  . Then i congratulate you because you are at the right place. Before we go into details,  i will like to tell you that, there are alot of post in this blog that will help you during this year’s admission processes. Also if you have any question about admission,  you can ask me through the comments or through my email address in the  US page. 
Now,  back to this post,  i will like to tell you things you need to know before registering for  exam.

1.  Your Name is very important:

Yes,  your name can cost you your admission if you spell your name wrong.  I have seen students been admitted by JAMB but were rejected by the University during clearance because of their names does not correlate with other documents like o’level result certificate, birth certificate etc.  Although,  JAMB use to allow for ” change of data” where you can correct your name incase you made mistake,  but to be on a safer side,  make sure you carefully spell your name to the JAMB official that is going to register you.

2. Know The  You Want To Study:

I usually find it funny whenever a student says he doesn’t know the course to pick. Course is not something you should pick at random,  course is something you have passion for,  something you have knowledge about.  Don’t let anyone decide your course for you.  If you are having problem choosing a course,  i already made a post they will help you decide the course you really want to study.  Click the link below to read the post.

3. Know the subject combination for your course :

Alot of student make this mistake by choosing wrong subject combinations for their course.  If you want to avoid any  of mistake,  then i will advise you to use “JAMB Brochure”, look for your course and you will see the subject combination for the course.  Remember,  this mistake can not be amend after you have sat for the exam,  which means your admission for that year is not certain.  Be wise!!!

4.  Use one sitting result :  

I have come to realize that students with one sitting result have more advantage than students using two sitting results.  I have already made a post about the ” possible disadvantages of using two sitting result “, you can click the link below to read it.  Also make sure your minimum grade in your //GCE is “C6”, anything more than that, won’t be accepted by the University you choose.

5.  Your Date of Birth:

Don’t ever make a mistake of changing your date of birth because your admission can be revoke by JAMB or by the University if they find out.  Minimum age federal universities accept is 16 years old, anything less than that, might not work out.  If you are 15 year’s old,  just relax and wait for the following year or you can apply to private university if you can afford it. 
Having said all this,  you can now go and register for JAMB, wish you success.
If you have any kind of admission issues,  then let me know through the comment or send a mail to my email address.
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JAMB 2017 registration has started and will end on the 6th of February, 2018. This post is for candidates that have not yet apply or are finding it hard to understand how to register for JAMB 2018.

Below are the steps you need to follow in order to register for JAMB 2018.


 The first thing you will do, is to create a confirmation code with your phone, by sending your "Surname Firstname Othername" to 55019.  They will charge you #50 for the SMS. 

 After you've done that,  you will receive a confirmation code from JAMB.


Then,  you will go to the bank (UBA , Firstbank,  Union bank etc) to purchase the JAMB E-pin. When you get to the bank, ask for instruction from any of the bank staffs you see. You will be asked to provide the confirmation code which JAMB sent to your phone,  they will need it in order to generate your E-pin.


Now that you have purchased the JAMB E-pin,  you can now go to any JAMB CBT registered centre you know.  You will be asked to provide your o'level result, JAMB E-pin,  your confirmation code,  and your passport ( they might use the laptop to snap you).


After you have successfully registered for the JAMB 2018, you will be given a print out of the JAMB registration and also the compulsory storybook.

You should also note that everything will cost you #6200 only.  The breakdown- JAMB E-pin + storybook =#5000 + #500 ( to be paid together in the bank)  CBT registration fee= #700 (to be paid after you have successfully registered for JAMB 2018)

You should also know that the phone number you will use for recieving the confirmation code must not have been used previous;y for that purpose.


The Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board, JAMB, has disclosed that it has suspended the sales of the 2018 JAMB application forms which was to begin on Wednesday November 22nd, 2017.

This was made known by JAMB's spokesperson, Fabian Benjamin.
According to him, the postponement was necessitated by the delay in meeting the agreed deadline by the publisher of the compulsory reading text meant for prospective candidates for the 2018 UTME which was supposed to be delivered on or before November 7th, 2017.

"As at close of work today, the publisher had not provided the 1.8 million copies required and this development painfully forced to the Board to shift the date from Wednesday 22nd November, 2017 to a date to be announced soon.

"JAMB said it regrets all inconvenience occasioned by this postponement as it is working round the clock to announce a new date soon", the statement said.

We expect a new date to be announced soon.

Meanwhile, all candidates preparing for the 2018 UTME advised to familiarize themselves with theMyschool Online JAMB Brochure to be able to make a good decision on the choice of institution and course as well as know the right JAMB and O'level Subject Combination for their intended courses.

It is equally not too early to start preparing for 2018 UTME. Get the Myschool CBT Software for Computer Systems and the Myschool Android Mobile App. These are preparation tools you need to suceed in 2018 UTME.

The Joint Admission and Matriculation Board, JAMB, has proposed a date for the 2018 examination.

According to the JAMB boss, Prof Oloyede, the board has proposed March 9 to 17 for the commencement and conclusion of the 2018 UTME. He equally stated that the board is taking into cognisance dates of other public examinations.

He made this known during a meeting in Abuja on Wednesday with stakeholders on the plans and programmes for the 2018 Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination, UTME, and Direct Entry, DE.

He further stated that the Mock examination is expected to be held from January 22 to 24 for interested candidates.

“The mock examination is starting the same date the sales of form is ending.”

“Eye glasses are to be examined properly before candidates are allowed into the examination hall,” he said. 

It was also disclosed that the price of the 2018 UTME Registration Form will be N5000 as it was for 2017.
The Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB) has published the Registration Steps and Guidelines for the forth coming UTME.

Please note that 2018 UTME Registration has NOT commenced. It is expected to commence November 22nd, 2017.

However, you are to get your self acquainted with the these guidelines before registration commences.

Profile Creation from Home by Candidates Using Cellphones – Text (SMS):
1. Sends his/her Surname, First Name & Middle Name (where applicable). This should be maximum of 38 characters + 2 spaces between names = 40 characters in all to JAMB short code of 55019
2. One cell number (mobile number) can be used by one candidate only
3. A confirmation code of 10 characters is received by the candidate on the same telephone number which will be used to procure the ePIN

To correct a mistake in candidate’s name, resend a text message (from the registered number) “CORRECT Surname First name Middlename” to 55019
To retrieve a lost confirmation code, resend a text message (from the registered number) “RESEND” to 55019 .

-Participating Banks
-Mobile Money Operators including eTranzact (Paga, Cellulant, Teasy Mobile e.t.c.)
-Registered Microfinance Banks – (Ifesowapo, Regent, FUDMFB, Welfare MFB)
-Online Payment – Remita & Interswitch (Switches)
-POS (Citi-Serve)
-ATM (Interswitch)
-USSD (NIBSS & ERCAS) – for mobile (Internet/online) banking


Present confirmation code and pay by cash or card
ePIN is delivered to the candidate’s unique telephone number


This is available at State Offices of JAMB + CBT Centres, Other POS Outlets & any CBT Centre that demands it
Present confirmation code & pay by card
ePIN is then delivered to the candidate’s unique telephone number

This is available at CBT Centres & Other Agent Outlets

Present confirmation code & pay by cash
ePIN is then delivered to the candidate’s unique telephone number

This is available at all ATM outlets of participating Banks (Interswitch Channel)

Select Bill Payment & then pick JAMB
Enter confirmation code & pay
ePIN is then delivered to the candidate’s unique telephone number


Log on to JAMB website:
Click Registration
Enter confirmation Code
Select payment Method e.g. Interswitch or Remita
Make payment
ePIN is then delivered to the candidate’s unique
telephone number


Dial USSD code (e.g. *565*6#)
Enter confirmation code
Select bank & follow the prompts to complete payment
ePIN is then delivered to the candidate’s unique telephone number


If ePIN is not Received or Lost , send a text message from the registered telephone number “UTMEPIN” or “DEPIN” to 55019 for UTME or DE respectively
The ePIN would then be retrieved

After payment…
After successful payment & obtaining ePIN, candidate should proceed to any of the accredited CBT Centres to complete his/her own registration.


The candidate presents the ePIN at any JAMB accredited CBT Centre for validation and completion of registration
Candidate is expected to pay not more than N700.00 as Service Charge to the CBT Centre
Provides biodata
Choice of institutions and programmes
UTME subjects
Picture capture (no passport photography
Biometric capture
Print Registration Slip using biometric authentication
Collect reading text & CD

Payment & Registration Flow

Use text to create profile from your phone (only one number per candidate)
Receive confirmation code in your phone
Buy form ePIN using the code in your phone
Register with your ePIN at any CBT Centre

If you need to download this information, check the attached pdf document.


Download [.PDF] File

View larger online version of this [.PDF] file
The Joint Admission Matriculation Board (JAMB) has published new requirements for all accredited CBT Owners as well as the Registration and Examination guidelines for the forthcoming UTME.

The new guidelines and directions outlines what;

CBT Centers owners should do
When to do it
How to do it
Where to do it
Who to do it

JAMB New Accreditation Requirements 

All CCTV Systems must be wired.
No more wireless CCTV Systems
Centres are to ensure re-validation of their SIM-serial numbers : supply serial number
Holding Rooms must be in good proximity to the examination hall & must be adequately sized
Make-shift CBT centres are NOT allowed; all centres must therefore be dedicated CBT centres that are used and maintained as such all year round
All centres must have MTN or AIRTEL network coverage.
All Centre networks must be powered by Switches. No hubs allowed
Centres are strongly advised to use static IP addresses rather than Dynamic IP Addressing
Conveniences both in the Exam hall and waiting areas will be checked more strictly this year

JAMB New Registration Requirements

No more scanning of Picture.
All pictures will be captured live through USB cameras
All registration points must have dual screens each facing the operator and candidate.
Candidates must be able to review their data before submission
Candidate must preview registration before submission
All centres will be required to capture minimum sample of 20 candidates & create a sample 10 access points which will be monitored centrally
All registrations require biometric fingerprint authentication to print
LED table top lights must be provided to improve picture capture at each registration point

JAMB New Examination Requirements

Downloading of JAMB Custom Browser website & installation on every system
before accreditation
During examination, communication signals from, into and around the examination centre shall be restricted through the use of electronic signal Jammer
Only 3 persons pre-registered from the CBT Centre will be allowed enter the examination hall in the course of examination
Centres will be paid based on up-time of the computers (required 250)
Adequate provision of WALL CLOCKS
Centres are required to trunk all electrical and network cables (Exposed or flying cables are no longer allowed)
All persons (officials & candidates) are prohibited from bringing any banned item into the examination hall e.g wrist watches, electronic devices, pen/biroProvision of up-to-date Antivirus on all systems

JAMB New Financial Partners

Mobile Money Operators (MMOs), Microfinance Banks and Special Value Added Service (VAS) providers (USSD Users e.g ERCAS)
participating Banks & Financial Switches: Interswitch, Remita, NIBBS, eTransact
They will be available at all JAMB CBT centres for all cash & card payments (including service fees)

JAMB New Payment/Collection Requirements

All transactions by CBT centers are to be cashless
CBT centres are to open bank accounts with any of the participating banks

JAMB New ePIN Payment Process by Candidates

Sends his/her Surname, First Name & Middle Name (where applicable). This should be maximum of 38 characters + 2 spaces between names = 40 characters in all to a designated short code of JAMB
One cell number (mobile number) can be used by one candidate only
A confirmation code (OTP) is received by the candidate on the same number
The candidate presents the OTP to the point of procurement of form (Banks, MMOs, MFBs, Switches, USSD Partners). The form ePIN is then sent as text message to the candidate
The candidate presents the ePIN at any JAMB accredited CBT
Centre for registration

Duties of Participating Financial Institutions at the CBT Centres

Collect the confirmation code (OTP) from candidates phone
Collect payment and issue ePINs
Facilitate POS Payments if necessary
Provide Evidence of Payments
Collection of Centre Service Fees

Internet Data

Debit for the agreed N30,000 (50% of cost) cost of Annual Internet Data

Computers & Cubicles

250 functional Desktop Computer systems or laptops is required
25 numbers backup systems
Provision of individual cubicle (26L x 18H x 18B) inches & appropriate seat for each system
Minimum 15” flat screen Computer monitor for desktop or 17” for Laptop
Minimum of 2GB RAM for all computers or thin clients
All Computers must be connected to a computer server with capacity to carry a minimum of 250 systems concurrently


Download [.PDF] File

View larger online version of this [.PDF] file
The Joint Admission And Matriculation Board has made available the Application Form for CBT Owners to apply for the accreditation of their CBT centres.

According to JAMB, the importance of proper inspection for accreditation purposes cannot be over stressed.

This will largely prevent issues during the exam and ensure JAMB conducts a smooth and credible examination.

It is important to note that accreditation will be done continuously and may not be scheduled. Centers are advised not to move equipment around for accreditation purposes.

Centers will not be paid (and indeed be penalized) where a session does not run full capacity concurrently.

The Application form is attached to this post. CBT owners are to click on the download link to download the Application Form. Completed Application Form are to be forwarded to any of the JAMB Offices Nationwide.

Download [.PDF] File

The Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) has announced the date for the commencement of the 2018 sales of registration form.

This was disclosed by Prof. Oloyede during a meeting in Abuja with the heads of tertiary institutions and other stakeholders involved in the conduct of the UTME exam.

Read Also: JAMB 2018 UTME Exam Dates Announced

According to him, the 2018 sales of UTME Form will begin by November 22nd, 2017 and will run till January 22, 2018.

The Board also announced that its mock exams will run from between January 22 and 27, 2018.

JAMB encouraged candidates interested in mock exam to register on or before December 31 and also indicate interest during the registration so they could be allowed to sit for the mock exam.

The registration fee for Nigerian candidates is fixed at Five Thousand Naira (N5000) while the registration for foreign candidates has been slashed from over 100 dollars to 20 dollars.

He mentioned that some changes have been put in place to strengthen the credibility of the exam system.

“For instance, the Board has eliminated the use emails during registration and replaced it with the use of telephone numbers for easy and secured interaction with the candidates.” He added.

He noted that the Board has penciled down about 620 Computer Based Centres (CBT), for the registration of candidates.

Following questions we have received from candidates concerning the meaning of some terms like "NOT ADMITTED", "ADMISSION IN PROGRESS" etc they see on their CAPS portal, we would like to explain some few things concerning that.

Though JAMB has not made any official remark on this recently, however, we can deduce the possible meaning of these terms from what was said during the CAPS sensitization programme earlier this year.

If your Admission Status on the CAPS Portal reads "NOT ADMITTED", it could be that your school of choice is yet to send the proposed the list of admitted candidates to JAMB. However if your school of choice has released its admission list and your admission status on CAPS Portal still shows "NOT ADMITTED" then it simply means that you have not beenconsidered for admission in that school.

For those that their Admission Status reads "RECOMMENDED", the possible meaning to that is though your school of choice has considered you for admission, JAMB is still reviewing your admission to ensure it complies with all the necessary criteria put in place by your school of choice and JAMB.

On the other hand, if you see "ADMISSION IN PROGRESS....." it is likely that you have met the requirements to be admitted in your school of choice but not yet considered for admission due to issues like admission quota, ELDS, Male to female ratio etc. This means you may have a chance of being admitted if some other candidates that were offered admission in the school decide to reject the admission.
So if you are yet to be admitted, the best you can do is keep checking back on the portal and hope your admission status changes.

For those who have been admitted, congratulations! Please go ahead to accept your admission unless you no longer want the admission; in that case, you can reject it.

Finally, for those that say they were unable to see anything when they log on to their CAPS portal through their JAMB Profiles, please try using a computer system or change your browser.

Get Post UTME Past Questions + SMS, Email Alerts for 2017/2018 Admissions.